THIS IS THE WEBSITE OF THE ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. We have been in existence since 2003 following our goal of “Supporting school, faculty and students through our time, talent and treasure.”
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June 1956 Alum

On Friday, October 27, 2017 at 5pm there will be an unveiling of a sculpture by Barbara at the entrance to the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  Lets come and support Barbara!






                        ROOSEVELT  HIGH  MEMORABILIA
The various pieces of memorabilia that the Association has collected and stored EastWallover the past twelve years has found a home. We have donated it to the school where it is now on display.  All the sweaters, pictures, Bwanas, etc. can be found in Room 23 (formerly 7). The room looks great and the display is really impressive.
Additional pictures of the room taken by our Jim Bennett  can be viewed in the PHOTOS page of this site. Details of how and when it is available for alumni to see in person is forthcoming. Visit here often for updates.

SERVE ON OUR WEBSITE COMMITTEE.    Looking for people with computer knowledge (Microsoft Word,Wordpress, and/or Publisher would be great). Want people who would speak for their own class eras, i.e.,60’s, 70’s, etc. Mainly we want fresh and new ideas. This could be you.  Interested? Write me (Mary) at marybsurdyke@yahoo.com.



Next Board Meeting -See REUNIONS AND EVENTS
Thursday, April 26, 2018  6:30pm
Oak Bend Library, 842 Holmes Ave. (Hwy 141 and Big Bend)

Next Alumni Luncheon
June 13, 2018


LUNCHEONS All alumni are invited to join fellow alumni at our bi-monthly luncheons at the Royale Orleans Banquet Center. Luncheons are held on the second Wednesday of each even numbered month. See the Luncheon link under Reunions & Events for date and time, reservation form and directions.  This is a great opportunity to meet classmates and enjoy a great lunch.  All alumni, spouses and guests are welcome.  It is not necessary to be a paid member of the association to attend.

ALREADY A MEMBER? Please re-up. You might even want to consider a lifetime membership so you won’t have to tie a string around your finger to remind you each year. See the MEMBERSHIP page for more details and where you may print an application form.


ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL HALL OF FAME Clicking on “Hall of Fame” in the dropdown menu will lead to lists of paragraphs and photos of those classmates who have made major contributions in medicine, business, academics, athletics, etc.


Vice-President Joan Brady

President Joan Brady

Vice President Rich Morris

Vice President Rich Morris

Secretary Cindy Borisch

Secretary Cindy Borisch

Treasurer Dorothy Negri

Treasurer Dorothy Negri


Committee Chairpersons

Education/Liaison Jim Benntt
Education/Liaison Jim Bennett
Newsletter: Joan Zobel
Newsletter: Joan Zobel
Scholarship Heinz Zobel
Scholarship Heinz Zobel
Membership Louise Reuther-Howard
Louise Reuther-Howard


Website and Luncheon Chair Mary Surdyke

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