The RHS Hall of Fame recognizes and honors the accomplishments of Roosevelt alumni who bring pride and inspiration to our alma mater, students and alumni, and our community.

The Alumni Association Hall of Fame Committee accepts nominations to the Hall of Fame. Any member can propose an alumnus for consideration, but they must meet the criteria and adhere to guidelines set by the Alumni Committee. Click here to view the Criteria and Guidelines and obtain a nomination form.

If you have questions, you can contact Jack Huelsmann, Hall of Fame Committee Chair, via email at jwh8578@sbcglobal.net or 314-846-8784.

We congratulate our most recent inductees in 2024:

Please view the complete alphabetic list of Hall of Fame honorees below.

Joseph J. “Joe” Adorjan (January 1957)
Richard F. “Dick” Ault (January 1944)
Harry James Babbitt (June 1931)
Stanley W. “Stan” Barrett (June 1961)
Richard C. Bertram (June 1939)
Dr. George Michael Bohigan (June 1957)
Rudolph Andrew (Rudy) Bukich (January 1948)
General James T. “Jim” Conway, Retired (June 1965)
Fred E. Cordia (June 1951)
Dr. Clyde Lorrain Cowan, Jr. (June 1936)
Vice-Admiral John William “Bill” Cox Retired (June 1945)
Gerald Sidney “Gerry” Davis (June 1971)
William Earl “Bill” Dees (June 1951)
Fern E. (Grossenheider) deGreeff (June 1925)
Leroy Edgar “Lee” Engert (June 1947)
Fred J. Gehrung (June 1950)
Kendall C. Gladen (June 1994)
Gordon C. Goodier, Jr. (June 1956)
Walter F. Gunn (June 1969)
Dr. Allen W. Hahn (June 1951)
Charles David Hall (June 1967)
H. Richard Hantak (June 1956)
Clarence Hines (June 1987)
Elaine Molloy (Sterling) Hollingsworth (June 1946)
Carl H. Hutter (June 1976)
Celeste Knierim (1968)
Louis Martin Kohlmeier (June 1944)
Gus Hill Kolilis (January 1960)
Dr. Allan Erwin Kolker (June 1950)
1st. Lt. John Glenn Kriegshauser (January 1938)
Dr. Robert E. “Bob” Kuhlman (January 1950)
Jerome E. “Jerry” Link, Jr. (January 1948)
Charles R. “Chuck” Mansell (June 1967)
Genevieve Ann “Gennie” (Koch) Mason (June 1954)
Conn Nicols McCreary (January 1939)
Donald N. Mings (June 1953)
Charles H. “Charlie” Moore (January 1951)
Harry Thomas Morley, Jr. (January 1948)
Dr. Carl R. Mueller, (June 1950)
Colonel Donald D. Mueller (June 1951)
Barbara Jean “Barb” (McAboy) Mungenast (June 1956)
Diana Ossana (1967)
David F. “Dave” Mungenast, Sr. (January 1953)
Merceina Louise (Weiss) Parker (June 1931)
Ward Stevens Parker (June 1931)
Billy Peek (1954-1958)
Jeanne (Picariello) Murphy (June 1971)
1st. Lt. Eugene D. “Gene” Potucek (June 1940)
Charles “Charlie” Raich, Jr. (June 1951)
Francis Ronald “Rahn” Ramey (June 1976)
Celeste A. Ruwwe (January 1945)
Dr. Fred E. Saalfeld (June 1953)
Henry L. “Hank” Schafermeyer III (January 1960)
Dr. Donald Lee Scruggs (January 1951)
General Robert W. “Bob” Sennewald, Retired (January 1947)
Donald Charles “Don” Siekmann – (January 1956)
Robert Frank “Bob” Smylie (June 1947)
Marvin B. “Marv” Stendel (June 1947)
General James Thompson Stewart (June 1938)
Ralph Edward Turney (June 1955)
Shirley Washington (June 1980)
Adolph Carl Weber, (June 1926)
Michael Emmanuel “Mike” Willis (June 1969)
Dr. George W. Zobrist (January 1951)