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Elaine Molloy (Sterling) Hollingsworth

Elaine (Sterling) Hollingsworth – (June 1946) Elaine (Sterling) Hollingsworth  became a model when she was just fourteen and a freshman at RHS. At age seventeen, she was a Powers model. She was spotted by MGM who offered her a Hollywood movie contract. By this time, she was known as Sara Shane.

She starred in many diverse roles with some of her leading men being Clark Gable, Sean Connery, Rock Hudson and Fred Astaire.  She also starred in a Tarzan movie.  She performed in many television shows and was in several stage plays. At a party with famous movie star, Gloria Swanson, a conversation about healthy eating changed Elaine’s life forever.  She began a lifelong campaign to expose the dangers and failings of the health industry and the manipulation and dishonesty of food and drug manufacturers.

Elaine._Sterling_CareerShe moved to Australia in 1980 and became the director of the Hippocrates Health Center in Queensland Gold Coast.  She lectured on health and continued her research into natural ways of maintaining health. It’s her opinion that millions of people are suffering needlessly as a result of the food industry and drug manufacturer’s zeal to earn hundreds of billions of dollars, aided by scientists who have been paid handsomely to falsify test results.

She wrote a book, “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry.” She devoted fifty years of her life to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. At age eighty, she lives happily and healthy on her five acres of land in Australia and continues to work long hours at the Health Center.  While a student at RHS, Elaine was elected Track Queen and was a member of the Bwana Staff and College Club.

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