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Charles H. “Charlie” Moore


As a young boy, Charlie was in Boy Scouts and Methodist Youth Fellowship in which he held leadership  and conference wide offices.  At RHS, he was co-captain of the track team, member of the Student Council, audio-visual projection group and A Cappella choir.  After graduating from RHS (Jan. ’51), he earned his BA at Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri.  He was later ordained a minister in the Methodist church.
In 1955, he and his wife, Willa, moved to Boston so Charlie could attend Boston University where he earned a masters degree in Theology and later a Ph.D in social ethics.  During the late sixties and seventies, Charlie taught at colleges in Iowa and Michigan and then back to Central Methodist as Professor of Sociology.  After being warded a Fullbright Fellowship, the family moved to Nigeria in West Africa where Charlie was a professor and assistant dean at the University of Soloto to help plan the expansion of this new university.  They moved to Japan where he coordinated U.S. programs for the International Student Bureau.  It was here Charlie retired.  Since retirement, Charlie and his wife have led numerous volunteer mission work teams in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela.

Charlie has had a commercial pilot license and his own plane for forty years.  This allows him to fly “angel Flights” for very ill patients to locations where they can obtain specialized treatment.  About fifteen years ago, Charlie and his wife planted over 27,000 hardwood trees, not Christmas trees or to sell, but because it is good for the environment.

DOD: October 18, 2021 in Missouri.

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